Total Eclipse in Chile

On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, a total solar eclipse occurred, which covered a Strip 200KM wide, the band of totality traveled 11,252 kilometers from west to east, starting in the morning in the southern Pacific Ocean, at east of New Zealand, and moving northeast. Then it took a southeastern direction and at dusk touched the mainland in Chile, ending at Punta Rasa, the southern end of the Río de la Plata. We lived this experience in the commune of La Higuera, north of La Serena, where the central axis of the Eclipse was located. This experience was shared with Schoolchildren from the Astronomy Workshop of the “Spain” Basic School of Concepción.

We can say that the emotion immersed us in an overwhelming silence, at the moment of reaching total darkness for 2.3 minutes. To then vibrate with joy and satisfaction of the effort made to get to live this unique moment, which for many will be the only time they will live it, therefore who can be on December 14 in the Araucanía Region, where they will once again experience a new total eclipse. It is our vision that you cannot miss it, LIVE IT.